Training Project Management On Pmbok 5Th Edition

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jadwal training project management on pmbok 5th edition

At present time being, the project management in the oil & gas industry have to make decisions in an environment of high level of uncertainty and risk. Poor project management causes oil & gas companies massive losses of resources and money. In a climate of volatile oil prices, it is more important than ever to halt these losses.

The Advanced Project Management  course gives seasoned project managers and project teams the knowledge and skill necessary to successfully manage increasingly complex project issues to meet desired project goals and objectives.

Assuming a mastery of project planning, this course extends skills to remaining project management processes covering areas such as avoiding mistakes when executing and controlling a project, dealing with evolving stakeholder expectations, using trend analysis to measure project performance and improving project outcomes.

?Our Facilitators bring real-world experience to every course.
?Participants will be led, not lectured, through a combination of presentations and hands-on exercise.
?Our courses provide an experiential environment where participants can take risks and make adjusments based on their results before approaching large projects.
?Our course is consistent with Project Management Institute’s: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge 5th Edition (PMBOK@ Guideline)

?Identify key stakeholders, assess project feasibility, and solicit authorization.

?Communicate weekly tasks that are scheduled for completion with a focus on critical tasks.

?Update plan components, manage team and stakeholder expectations, and communicate progress and status consistenly and predictably.

?Manage cost, scope, time, risk, quality, and project change according to a set of processes.

?Use project metrics and process documentation to learn how to manage projects better.

?Analyze projects and the project management process continually.

1.Project Selection and Initiation
a.Initiating projects
b.When do projects start?. Defining the project life cycle.
c.Tips for defining the start of a project
d.Considerations for initiating projects
e.Key elements of the initiating process
f.Guidelines for project initiation

2.Project Execution Methodology
a.Starting project work
b.Getting work done
c.Capturing progress and status
d.Forecasting future work

3.Project Variance and Control
a.Performance metrics
b.Understanding what causes variance
c.Taking corrective action to overcome variance
d.Managing change, quality, and risk

4.Project Closure and Learning
a.The challenge of project closure
b.When and how to learn from projects
c.Project closure reporting and archiving process

Ir. Pulung Susilo Rahardjo
He received Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Mechanical Engineering Department, Industrial Engineering Faculty, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) on 1981.  He has a professional and practice experiences as Project Management Senior Staff more than 35 years in National & Multinational Company special Oil & Gas Onshore & Offshore Industry. He also attended at many project management seminar & course program at Indonesian & overseas institution. He retired from Petronas Carigali Indonesia (PCINO) on year 2014 and focused in Project Management Advisor and Project Management Instructor.

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